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KCT-35A 2/3 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine


  KCT-35A 2/3 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine, referred to as the 35-type compression spring machine, machining line diameter φ1.5-4.0mm, all kinds of precision pressure spring products applicable to the processing of wire diameter range, such as cylindrical (spiral) compression springs, etc. (range) from the Spring Festival, the convex/concave spring, spring, spring and die pyramid wave spring etc..


  机 型  Model    KCT-235A   KCT-335A
  轴 数  Axis Count   2 轴   3 轴
  加工线径  Wire Size Diameter      φ1.5-4.0mm   φ1.5-4.0mm
  最大弹簧外径  Max Outside Diameter      φ65mm   φ65mm
  最大送线长度  Max Feeding Length   Unlimited(无限)      Unlimited(无限)   
  最大送线速度  Max Feeding Speed   127m/min   127m/min
  最大生产速度  Max production Rate   60pcs/min   60pcs/min
  送线轮组数  Wire Feeding Wheel Count     2 pairs(组)   2 pairs(组)
  送线指令值  Feedin Length Value   ±0.1~±9999.99   ±0.1~±9999.99   
  凸轮指令值  Cam Setting Value   ±0.1°~±359.9°     ±0.1°~±359.9°
  送线伺服电机    Feeding Servo Motor   5.5kw   5.5kw
  凸轮伺服电机  Cam Servo Motor   3.8kw   3.8kw
  螺距伺服电机  Pitch Servo Motor    ----   1.0kw
  机器尺寸  Dimension(L*W*H)   1685*1340*920mm   1685*1340*920mm
  机器重量  Weight   1600kg   1600kg
  电 源  Power AC   3-380VAC 50HZ   3-380VAC 50HZ


  Our company's KCT-35A computer compression spring machine uses Taiwan computer control system, citing Japan import SANYO servo motor and high precision bearing, etc., with left and right direction tool holder. The models (35-type compression spring machine) standard for two axis, can also be ordered with three axis, free spool, cam shaft and pitch axis, the axis can operate independently or with synchronous operation, forming speed, stable performance and high accuracy. Among them, the third axis is for the KCT-35A computer compression spring machine push rod spacing knife increased, not only more convenient spring product forming, save debugging machine time and reduce wire cost, but also can complete more difficult requirements of spring products.


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