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KCT-808 8 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine


  KCT-808 8 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine, referred to as the 8 axis 08-type compression spring machine, is my company in 2013 successfully developed and launched a new eight axis computer spring machine, processing line diameter is φ0.15-1.0mm, suitable for spring products processing various precision pressure spring and wire forming, such as compression spring pyramid, spring, spring, spring, nozzle battery spring, electronic keyboard springs, toys spring, spring magazine, simple torsion spring and a tension spring.


    机 型    Model    KCT-808
    轴 数    Axis Count    8 轴
    加工线径    Wire Size Range    φ0.15~φ1.0mm
    最大弹簧外径       Max Outside Diameter    φ20mm
    最大弹簧螺距    Max Pitch Of Spring    30mm
    最大送线速度    Max Feeding Speed    300m/min
    旋绕比    Spring Index    3
    送线轮组数    Wire Feeding Wheel Count       1 pairs(组)
    送线伺服电机    Feeding Servo Motor    1.8kw
    凸轮伺服电机    Cam Servo Motor    0.4kw*2
    切刀伺服电机    Cutter Servo Motor    0.75kw*2   
    螺距伺服电机    Pitch Servo Motor    0.75kw
    芯轴上下移动电机        Mandrel Moving Up-down Servo Motor        0.75kw
    退芯伺服电机    Mandrel Return Servo Motor    0.4kw
    机器尺寸    Dimension(LxWxH)         640x702x1531mm    
    机器重量    Weight    400kg
    电 源    Power AC    3-380VAC 50HZ


 Our company's KCT-808 8 Axis CNC High-speed coiling machine control system used in Taiwan, reference Japan Yaskawa servo motor and high precision bearings, the standard model has 8 axes, each axis can operate independently or with synchronous operation, forming speed, stable performance and high precision the characteristics of. In addition, our design team in terms of innovation and improvement of the spring machine made a significant reform, realize the man-machine dialogue, with a minute spring forming, the speed, accuracy and performance conditions, and strive to minimize the noise, the pursuit of a more simple model operation; at the same time, the model can realize the straight cut, cut cut and put different angles such as cutting function.

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