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KCT-8C 2 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine


  KCT-8C 2 Axis High-speed CNC spring coiling machine, referred to as the 08-type compression spring machine or 08-type spring machine, processing line diameter is φ0.15-0.8mm, suitable for processing all kinds of precision compression spring, torsion spring and a tension spring spring such as simple products, such as compression spring, spring, spring, spray tower spring, electronic battery spring, spring, spring toys, keyboard magazine, spring lighting spring, oil seal spring, spring, spring and gastroscope probe precision spring etc..


     机 型    Model     KCT-8C
     轴 数    Axis Count     2 轴
     加工线径    Wire Size Range     φ0.15-0.8mm
     最大弹簧外径         Max Outside Diameter     φ20mm
     最大送线长度    Max Feeding Length     Unlimited(无限)
     最大送线速度    Max Feeding Speed     150m/min
     最大生产速度    Max production Rate     400pcs/min
     送线轮组数    Wire Eeeding Wheel Count         1 pairs(组)
     送线伺服电机    Feeding Servo Motor     0.75kw
     凸轮伺服电机    Cam Servo Motor      0.75kw
     送线指令值    Feeding Length Value     ±0.1~±9999.99      
     凸轮指令值    Cam setting Value     ±0.1°~±359.9°
     机器尺寸    Demension(LxWxH)     660x800x1400mm
     机器重量    Weight     350kg
     电 源    Power AC     3-380VAC 50Hz


  Our company's KCT-8C 2 Axis High-speed spring coiling machine adopts the Taiwan computer control system, uses the Japanese industrial servo motor and the high precision bearing and so on, and has the left, right direction turret and torsion spring device (another need to match). The models ( 08-type compression spring machine ) standard for two axis, free spool and camshaft, independent or synchronous operation, has high forming speed, stable performance and high accuracy. In addition, the KCT-8C computer compression spring machine's computer system has memory storage function, memory program can reach 1000, simple editing interface, to achieve the rapid input and output of the program, debugging more convenient.


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