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RJC large continuous tempering furnace


  RJC large scale continuous tempering furnace, usually called mesh belt furnace, mainly applicable to all types of steel plate spring, spring, spring washers, copper products, chain, screwdriver, standard parts, wood screws, self tapping screws, vehicle accessories, weapons parts, metal products, metal parts, enameled wire, welding wire and carburizing and quenching parts batch workpiece continuous tempering, shaping and drying operation.


ModelDimensions Furnace size PowerTemperatureTimeDiameter Production 
 RJC520  4100*1100*1600
 2000*500*100  30kw  ﹤500℃  6.0-60.0min  0.5-10.0mm  80-100kg/h  1400kg
 RJC540  6100*1100*1900 4000*500*130 50kw ﹤500℃ 10.0-100min 1.0-14.0mm 200-250kg/h  2400kg 
 RJC550  7100*1100*1900  5000*500*130 60kw ﹤500℃ 12.0-120min 1.0-16.0mm 250-300kg/h 2800kg
 RJC560 8100*1100*1900 6000*500*150 75kw ﹤500℃ 16.0-120min 1.0-16.0mm 300-500kg/h 3600kg
 RJC630 5100*1200*1900 3000*600*120 48kw ﹤500℃ 8.0-60.0min 1.0-12.0mm 160-200kg/h 2200kg
 RJC640 6100*1200*1900 4000*600*130 60kw ﹤500℃ 10.0-100min 1.0-14.0mm 200-300kg/h 2600kg
 RJC650 7100*1200*1900 5000*600*130 75kw ﹤500℃ 12.0-120min 1.0-16.0mm 300-400kg/h 3200kg
 RJC660 8100*1200*1900  6000*600*150 90kw  ﹤500℃ 16.0-120min 1.0-16.0mm 360-500kg/h 3800kg 


Performance characteristics:

 The automatic control system of imported PID intelligent temperature control instrument and complete, 500 degrees in the furnace temperature, any temperature can be set according to the requirement of process, temperature control accuracy of plus or minus 3 DEG C, with a hot air mixing device, accurate temperature equilibrium, tempering workpiece quality is stable and reliable.

 ①Stainless steel mesh belt running smoothly, stepless speed regulation. Continuous automatic operation can greatly improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity.

 ②It has the advantages of novel structure, full fiber lining, fast heating, low power consumption, high heat utilization rate, good energy saving effect, and the power consumption after constant temperature does not exceed the rated power of 50%.

 ③The operation is simple, safe and reliable. No sodium nitrite is needed. The site is clean and free from environmental pollution.

 ④The specifications are complete, the service life is long, the maintenance is convenient, the investment is low, and the price is low, which is less than 30% of the same imported products. It can meet the requirements of heat aging treatment for various kinds of elastic materials and chains. It is an ideal heat treatment equipment in spring and chain industry.


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