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CNC versatile spring forming machine tools


  At present, our company has its own machine center and tool processing workshop, always focus on technical personnel training and technical accumulation, and in the production process has more advanced CNC processing equipment, has gradually established a good user reputation in the industry. My company processing and production of machine tool accessories/spring always adhere to in accordance with the technical standard, usually adopts imported tungsten steel or white steel material, and combination and application of wire cutting, wire EDM, EDM, computer gongs, milling machines and other technical means, processed products with high price, such as high hardness, abrasion resistance impact resistance, smooth surface, no burr, the use of long cycle and high precision technology.


  The tools or accessories of CNC versatile spring forming machine include: wire board ( before/middle/after ), cover plate, wire feeding roller, the core shaft ( also called core ), curve, and auxiliary cutter knives, cam, flat die, die, left/right side die pad, high block, measuring rod, block frame, bird seat, slide, knife and mobile activities of miniature cylinder parts. In addition, it can also be processed according to the drawings or size parameters provided by the users.

  Our company is the leading equipment: KCT-8CCNC, KCT-26ACNC, KCT-35ACNC, KCT-540CNC, KCT-808CNC,KCT-826CNC, KCT-660CNC and KCT-680CNC CNC High-speed spring coiling machine series; KCT-20BCNC, KCT-0520WZCNC, KCT-35WCNC and KCT-0535WZCNC CNC versatile spring forming machine series; KCT-1120WPCNC, KCT-1245WZ, KCT-1260WZCNC and KCT-1280WZCNC camless CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine series, for old and new customers to provide all kinds of standard or wire diameter non standard cutting tools and accessories.


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